Check out Jim C’s personal ride

21 04 2011

Sunday Bikes just posted a bike check of Jim Cielencki’s personal ride, the  Wave-C he’s been riding since October.  It has a Black Magic finish and sports red spokes to give it a cool, custom look.

Be sure to have a look at the prototype components on the front end: 7.75″ XL 24umph bars and Odyssey top load stem.  (He’s also running spacers under the stem to run it even higher.)

And for all the hockey fans out there…you can probably guess what team Jim is rooting for in the playoffs…Go Sabres!

For more on Jim C’s Wave-C, check out the complete bike check on the Sunday Bikes website.




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21 04 2011
Erik D

i love the sabers! we are taking a family trip to Buffalo this summer where is the sunday headquarters??

21 04 2011


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