Sheepdog still snappin’ gates

27 05 2016

If you were on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page earlier this week you may have spotted it.

If you weren’t, maybe it’s time to take a sec and check this out.

Former GT hotshoe — and BMX Action cover boy — Kevin “Sheepdog” Hull is back on the track.


The cool thing?

He’s doing it with the support of his former sponsor…Gary Turner (The “GT” from GT Bicycles).

He’s back out there snapping gates.


And pulling his comp.


It’s awesome to see.


I guess it just proves the adage:

You can take the Sheepdog out of BMX but you can’t take the BMX out of the Sheepdog.

(That’s how it goes, right?)


Pics: BMX Action magazine/Gary Turner/Heaps Photography