This is where things go off the chain

31 05 2013

Peter Ulbrich spent some time out at the BMX track…but he wasn’t practicing gate starts and doing sprints.

He had a different type of riding in mind.

Then to keep things interesting, he goes for it without a chain.

The “Send me an Angel” soundtrack is a nice touch too. (Thanks to Cale Avery Schindler for the heads up on these.)




11 responses

1 06 2013
Race BMX

Respect the Racing scene and wear a helmet at the track, burnout. We do.

3 06 2013

Respect the freestyle scene mr washup. As for your little racing scene, grow a pair junior -pdog out

4 06 2013
Race BMX

You have obviously landed on your head one too many times. As a Track Director for USA BMX, I know that the track you were on can lose their insurance and their ability to hold races for the tricks you can do anywhere else. You need to think about respecting the sport and not showing off at a RACE TRACK. There is a place for every discipline, DUDE. Go back to your mom’s basement and toke up, fry daddy.

4 06 2013

Respect jim jones and drink the kool-aid burnout, we do.

Its his head, he can choose to do what he wants

3 06 2013

Yea i was thinking what track lets you ride without gear.

4 06 2013

Listen here no load, IDGAF about you or your fake bmx track. I bet youre one of those racers who just races just for the scene and talk $hit instead of actually learning how to ride and now youve been racing bmx for over five years and you still race rookie. Get your weak sauce out of here tiny tots!

4 06 2013

@race Bmx, obviously you can’t tell he is doing FREESTYLE at a track that is not run by any kind of real / good management. Not to mention the track is probably public property. This video isn’t here to show anyone that riding on a Bmx track is cool its here cause he probably has nothing else to ride where he lives and he obviously just shredded the gnar out of it. So respect the FREESTYLE scene “mr. Track director” and get that kids track in better condition It looks like a bunch of sand dunes.

5 06 2013

Dude can ride, smooth killer moves man.

10 12 2013
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