Real talk with Greg Hill & Donny Robinson

16 06 2016

Last month, BMX legend Greg Hill set off a firestorm of discussion with a Facebook message he had posted in response to the news of Derby BMX (an iconic track in its own right) closing down for the 2016 season…to build a Supercross track.


If you missed the post, have a look below:

If I see 1 more post about a track that’s building a UCI SX track I am gonna lose it!

Why the hell are people buying into this BS?

Spending a ton of cash for a SX track that caters to 1% of the sport. Why not spend money on the 99% and grow this thing? Tracks are going bye bye, membership is on decline, National attendance is slowly declining and we’re building SX tracks, WTF

If you disagree on any of this you DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING with our sport period!

Little Johnny, the newbs and the average enthusiast are who pays the bills not the few elite.

This is stupid at the highest level, people need to speak up!

-Greg Hill on Facebook, May 12, 2016 (top line bolded by editor)

Hundreds of likes, shares and comments latter and it was obvious to see he had struck a nerve.

Mike Carruth, over at BMX News, being the intrepid reporter that he is, brought Greg Hill and fellow icon, Donny Robinson on the BMX News Announcer’s Tower podcast to discuss that post, his thoughts behind it and the grassroots of BMX, along with ways we should be changing things up to grow the sport of BMX racing.

DRThe podcast is a great listen…filled with Real Talk about BMX racing, its current challenges and opportunities, and where we need to go in the future.

If you’re into BMX racing, do yourself a favor and check out the podcast.

You can find it here:




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