26 inch cruisers are having a moment

16 09 2014

Walking around the displays at Interbike, it’s hard not to think that 26″ freestyle cruisers are  having their moment in the sun right now.

With Subrosa deciding to add the 26″ Malum to their lineup this year.

subrosa malum interbike

To the Fairdale Taj with it’s retro design cues.

Fairdale Taj 2015 InterbikeInside scoop: Fairdale has plans in the works to offer a chrome version of the frame & fork later this year…and maybe a chrome version of the complete after that. (Hot damn!)

To Volume, who has been down with the 26″ for some time now…in this case, the Hessian.

Volume 2015But the 26″ that really caught my attention was the Stolen Zeke XLT.

Following the same nomenclature as their 24″ models, the Zeke XLT is a full cro-mo version of the tri-moly 26″ Zeke that turned heads at last year’s Interbike show.

Zeke XLT ttSporting a cool matte black with blue colorway, the display model was shown with disc brakes. While 990-style brakes come standard on the Zeke XLT, the display model was outfitted with the disc brakes to show that the bike was “disc ready” and could be switched over if so desired.

Zeke XLT side

Certainly some great options in the 26″ side of things.

I  wonder if the increasing popularity of 26″ bikes will prompt We The People to bring back the 26″ Champ cruiser…not that I would want their 24″ offering, the Atlas, to disappear.

More Interbike coverage to follow.




17 responses

16 09 2014

The Zeke xlt is genius.

16 09 2014

I have the 2014 Zeke and it says 100% 4130 chromoly on it. Their 2015 catalog has a Zeke XLT which is full 4130 and a New Zeke which isn’t full chromoly.

16 09 2014

New xlt has way better cranks, chromo bars, disc ready, removable brake mounts and female sealed axle’s. Just decked out beyond belief and black and blue looks awesome.

16 09 2014

How much do you think the XLT is going to cost? Will it be like the Saint XLT and cost $100 more than the regular Saint?

17 09 2014

If it’s under 600 bucks that would be a great deal.

18 09 2014

The Zeke XLT is retailing for $599.99 and will be available in less than a month.

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