A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?

10 12 2014

A little over a week ago we peeped some 24″ custom-built goodness from FBM.

To further show that FBM is on the top of its custom bike game, I give you this…one truly sweet-looking custom built 29″ cruiser from FBM.

The owner, MSERNO75, a BMX Museum member, started a thread over on the Museum showcasing his new ride…where I happened upon it.

In the thread, he explains how he has had many SE Big Rippers in the past and loved the way they rode. He’s also had a number of FBM 20 inchs, and was a big fan of their build quality, as well as the fact that they were American-made.

Deciding to meld the best of the two worlds, he contacted FBM and had them build a custom frame to his specs (similar to the Big Ripper) along with a custom set of 29″ CB4K’S forks.

Looks hella dialed in Trans Blue…perfect for long rides and hitting the odd curb cut or two.




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30 06 2016
Gary Turner unveils 29″ cruiser | cruiser revolution

[…] FBM has wheeled out a custom 29″ cruiser (A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?) […]

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