Old meets new

7 07 2016

I snagged this pic from the SE Instagram feed.

@rednosegoham (with some serious POP!) bunny hopping the 2017 SE So Cal Flyer over the 2010 “$100 Bill Wrap” OM Flyer .

SE Old meets News @rednosegoham

Old meets new.

But then again, do high bunny hops ever get old?

First look: 2017 SE So Cal Flyer

17 06 2016

SE Bikes just dropped some “first look” pics of the 2017 So Cal Flyer…and they’re looking good!

A perennial favorite in the SE lineup, the 24″ 2017 So Cal Flyer is available in two colorways:


SE 2017 SoCal Flyer Polished Blue


Metallic Red

SE 2017 SoCal Flyer Metallic Red

Definitely some nice looking completes for a great price (only $429 US)

Watch for these to start hitting SE dealers in the next couple months.