More cruiser highlights from Interbike

28 09 2012

The grand poohbah of 24″ race completes, the Redline Flight Pro 24, looks as dialed as ever for 2013. For many people, this is considered the “most complete” complete on the market. But for all that quality, be prepared to open your pocketbook. The MSRP is north of $1000 US.

Haro’s 2013 race 24, also looks like it’s ready to perform on the track.  Looks well put together, along with cool blue anodized accents to give it a bit of custom-build look.

The SE Floval Flyer Looptail was a show stopper…in that it had the tendency of stopping you in your tracks to take a closer look when you walked by during the tradeshow. Featuring an awesome old school look, it’s been souped up with modern-day build quality and geometry. Sporting exclusive-to-SE  Skyway Tuffwheels with red anodized hubs(!), this is a bike that’s hard not to dig if you have any roots in the sport.