Stolen Bikes debuts Saint XLT at Interbike

25 09 2012

Stolen Bikes got our attention last year when they introduced the Stolen Saint 24 at Interbike.

The Stolen Saint was a solid first effort:  modern freestyle geometry, tough components (for a mid-level bike) and a tri-moly frame (which is common at this price point).

For 2013, Stolen has upped the ante a bit with the Saint XLT. On display at this year’s Interbike tradeshow, the Saint XLT showed that Stolen might just be serious about this 24″ game.

Sharing the same geometry as last year’s Saint model, the Stolen gang have made this version’s frame and fork 100% cro-mo. And with a nod to the way that many people are running their bars today, Stolen has also outfitted the XLT with 8.25″ handlebars.

I believe the headset and bottom bracket have also been updated to new sealed versions as well (but don’t quote me on that).

Nice to see Stolen taking a great new 24″ option and making it even better!

Should be in stores in the next month or so. Available in Black with Chrome (as shown above) and Matte Copper with Silver.

Check it out if you get the chance.




6 responses

25 09 2012

looks nice.

25 09 2012

I love my saint, glad they put bigger bars, the stock ones were small

24 11 2012

Just looked up on stolens website they say they have the 7.25″ bars like the 2012 model are you sure they are 8.25″?

24 11 2012

They were definitely higher than 7.25″ on the XLT they had on display. (If you want to be 100% sure I would contact Stolen for the final word on what comes with the production models.)

24 11 2012

Yeah these bars look heaps better and they are definitely better I just don’t understand why stolen to show them at the interbike convention with big bars but have a production line with the 7.25″ thanks anyways 🙂

5 09 2013
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