Are shaved headtubes next for Model-Cs?

9 02 2010

Odyssey designer, Jim Bauer recently had a couple of bike checks posted on ESPN, including his tricked out Sunday Model-C.

Off the top, you’ll notice the tricked out, “Bauer-original” paint job and it’s brakeless setup. It’s also loaded with Odyssey and G-Sport components.

Sunday has been experimenting with a shaved headtube design and Jim’s ride has it! The headtube is slimmed down, with less of an hour-glass shape and the bearings of the internal headset are exposed.

Finally, a picture of the man with his bikes. That’s a Metal prototype on the right. This photo just begs for a caption that includes the phrase, “…from the wrong side of the tracks.”




5 responses

10 02 2010

Shaved headtube? Is that to save weight? One of my headtubes ovalized this summer, Maybe I could get a “bearded” headtube, instead.

11 02 2010

I think the idea is to have a slimmer design and to protect the frame a bit…have the bearing take the impact because that’s easier to replace vs. the frame.

It’s funny you bring up “bearded”…doesn’t it make you chuckle that we’re checking out a “shaved” headset on a bearded guy’s bike?

15 02 2010

i think thats a good looking cruiser. i want one!

18 02 2010

Dans comp is taking orders for the model c completes. Expected arrival 3/12/10!

25 03 2010
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