Macneil just wants to cruise

17 11 2015

Even though we’ve already documented that 26″ cruisers were having a moment…and their moment in the sun seemed to have some legs…it was a bit of surprise to see that Macneil Bikes had — in a pretty low-key way — reintroduced a 26″ cruiser into their lineup.

Macneil 26 cruiser blue

Bike nerds (like myself ) might remember that none other than BMX legend Jay Miron used to rock a version of this before he decided to hang up his riding shoes and 540 tailwhips.

To make matters further intriguing, Macneil not only re-introduced their 26″ cruiser but they’ve also brought a 29″ to market as well. Hey now!

Based on their promo vid, I wouldn’t say they had hard-core shredding in mind with this cruiser but it’s worth noting that it does feature a full cro-mo frame, fork and bars…so it will definitely handle some abuse.

A nice choice for some mellow cruising and curb hopping.

(Click on over to the Macneil site for full specs on the 26″ and 29″ cruisers.)

Sometimes I miss front brakes

28 06 2010

The recent comments about front brakes have got me thinking.

Is it time to put the front brakes back on?

It wasn’t too long ago that just about every freestyle rider rode front and rear brakes…now the pendulum has swung the other way with many riders seeing brakeless bikes as the new standard.

Have things gone too far?

Are we missing out by running just a rear brake or no brakes at all?

Before you answer, check out the videos below.

Exhibit A: Eben Fischer makes the case for front brakes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Exhibit B:

Jay Miron, front brakes till the end.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Jay Miron walks away from BMX

23 03 2010

In case you missed the big news this weekend, Jay Miron has sold Macneil Bikes and Ten Pack Distribution to his business partners, Darcy Saccucci and Jamie Macintosh. He’s also shut down the Metro Jam events. He’s walking away from BMX.

What can you say in a situation like this?

It seems too soon but you can’t knock the guy…he’s accomplished so many things and done so much for the BMX community.

Jay, thanks for the memories…and the 540 whips.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Cruising around TO on a Macneil cruiser

13 06 2009

Jay Miron and the Macneil gang were in Toronto last weekend for a  street jam as part of the Macneil Eastern Canada tour. Word has it there were almost 200 riders taking it all in/participating.  Miron took part in the whole thing onboard one those 26″ beach-style Macneil cruisers. Will Macneil step up and put out a street-worthy 24″ next year? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.