BMX superheroes at Woodward West

17 03 2010

Looks like Steve Swope is once again gathering the Superfriends (Old school BMX stars) at the Justice League (Woodward West)  to fight the forces of evil (for the Old School BMX Reunion).

The invite list features a “who’s who” of 80s BMX legends. Just check out the list of invitees for an instant Freestylin’ magazine flashback. Should be an awesome weekend…I’m really looking forward to checking out the photos and video from the event.

Former Plywood Hood, Brett Downs was there last year and clicked this sweet turndown on his Model-C to commemorate things.

Turndowns are just timeless, aren’t they?

It’s all going down Friday, April 2 – Sunday, April 4. Check out Kickstand BMX for all the details.

For more pictures from last year’s event, check out b dubbs photostream on flickr.

For the theme music I imagine them playing when they enter the building, click here.




6 responses

17 03 2010
Jon Faure

I will be there! Can’t wait!!!

17 03 2010

Haha, that was a great time last year. I was stoked to see Brett click those turndowns on my Model-C, I then stole it back as fast as possible to get back on the concrete park there. That thing is so fun with the big wheels.

17 03 2010

That was your Model-C? My bad…sweet turndown though!

17 03 2010

Last year was awesome!This time ’round I’ll have my own Model-C to ride!

18 03 2010

Haha, no biggie man. Still stoked on getting the work out!

7 04 2010
How can you not love this vid? « cruiser revolution

[…] packed with 80s freestyle legends, Jon Faure shredding on his cruiser, a weird close-up of Wade Nelson and a quirky […]

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