Time for a convertible?

23 08 2010

In an era where the seat post fights for relevancy (man, did I just type that?) the seat post for all seasons and all applications arrives from Odyssey. The Odyssey convertible seat post.

If you run a pivotal seat, a standard seat with rails, and just about every variation in between, this post has you covered. It’s like the swiss army knife of seat posts.

Personally, I like that it will allow me to kick my pivotal seat back a bit…to make things more comfortable when I’m just cruising around. I also like that a gold anodized version is available.

I don’t know how much appeal this would have for 20″ riders running slammed seats but for 24″ riders…and flatland riders, I suppose (not that that’s a mutually exclusive group), it looks like a good option.

Check out this video with Nuno at Odyssey (from RideBMX) explaining how versatile the convertible post is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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24 08 2010

Wow, it’s about time. Somehow, I’m thinking it’s going to be more than $35…

24 08 2010

I have one of these and have an Odyssey railed seat on my Faction 22.
It’s unbelievable how light it is and allows for plenty of seat height.
I’m 6’2″ with 34″ inside leg and have plenty if leg room with this.
Simply awesome and surprisingly cheap = £26 in the UK.

24 08 2010

You know now that you just mentioned that. my new pivotal post is kinda short and sometimes i like to hike the seat up. Pretty cool lookin post. i might look into it.

24 08 2010

Been wanting to switch to pivotal. Just ordered it from Dans.

This blog has influence.

25 08 2010

Primo has a 330mm pivotal seatpost. Not a convertible (which is pretty sweet), but a bit longer. I am 6’5″ 35′ inseam.

26 08 2010
Hoka Hey

Am I the only one who wants a longer seat post? I like the idea of a little more laid back and longer. It is really uncomfortable for me to ride around on my Model C even with the post extended all the way. I am not that tall at a little over 6′. My Floval Flyer came with a long post and with a quick release clamp I can quickly switch to cruising with my young son mode to race mode, so much more comfortable. Do I just need to go to a railed seat?

26 08 2010

Looks like a longer version may be on the way…

Check out this exchange on the comments on the Odyssey site:


# Flatland Embassador ( July 1st, 2010 at 6:26 pm ):

Hey I’m a flatlander and alot of us really like the design of this product! Will you be coming out with a longer post in the future?
# ODYSSEY ( July 2nd, 2010 at 8:46 am ):

^ We are working on it! Yes.

27 08 2010

This is kinda off topic but anyone else notice that all the pics of the Model-C complete (dans comp,sunday’s website,albe’s,etc.)have a railed seat but it comes with a pivotal?
Personally I think it looks better with a railed seat.

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