Jim C. talks frame building with ESPN

25 10 2011

ESPN ran a great post on the weekend featuring Jim C. from Sunday Bikes talking about Sunday’s philosophy on frame building and the reasons why they approach it the way that they do.

It’s an in-depth look at how they work with their partners to create frames with innovative features like wave tubing, hollow dropouts with twice the strength of regular dropouts and their famous 41 thermal treatment that helps keep the frame light but yet incredibly strong.

There’s tons more in the article, so be sure to check it out here.

A Sunday post is always a good excuse to run a pic of Jim C. airing out on his 24.  Bonus pic of Jim at the Sunday office.  (Source: ESPN. Sandy Carson pics)

Sneak peek: Sunday Wave-C prototype

5 11 2010

Sunday sent over some pics the other day of the new Wave-C frames they’re testing out.

While not a huge departure from the existing Model-C, it does have the wave top tube (that we’ve seen in earlier photos) and hollow dropouts with chain tensioners.

What’s changed/improved

  • a new shaped  chainstay allows you to run the backend shorter than the existing Model-C
  • a 22″ top tube (!)

Have to say, a longer top tube and the ability to run the back end shorter is a pretty big selling point for this frame. Not to mention the extra strength afforded by the wave tubing.

Production colors are probably going to be black and a light blue.

If the  color in these pictures looks familiar to you, you might be a flatlander.  It’s  actually the same one used on the Odyssey Flatware frame (and just being used for the prototype/test frames).