Sneak peek: Sunday Wave-C prototype

5 11 2010

Sunday sent over some pics the other day of the new Wave-C frames they’re testing out.

While not a huge departure from the existing Model-C, it does have the wave top tube (that we’ve seen in earlier photos) and hollow dropouts with chain tensioners.

What’s changed/improved

  • a new shaped  chainstay allows you to run the backend shorter than the existing Model-C
  • a 22″ top tube (!)

Have to say, a longer top tube and the ability to run the back end shorter is a pretty big selling point for this frame. Not to mention the extra strength afforded by the wave tubing.

Production colors are probably going to be black and a light blue.

If the  color in these pictures looks familiar to you, you might be a flatlander.  It’s  actually the same one used on the Odyssey Flatware frame (and just being used for the prototype/test frames).

Model-C with wave tubing at Interbike

6 10 2010

Remember the post, “Is a Model-C with wave tubing next?

How I said it would be so cool if it went into production?

That I had my fingers crossed the “Wave-C” would show up at Interbike?

Well, I still have no idea if (or when) the Wave-C will go into production but I did find out that the Wave-C was at Interbike!

Chris at, a site that covers mostly 24 and 26″ MTB riding,  got in touch with me recently and let me know that he got some great pics of the Wave-C at Interbike.

I gather that if this does go into production it will be a frame-only deal….if it also features a longer top tube…well, then I think Sunday is going to have a hot seller on their hands.