S&M Dirt Bike grows up

11 12 2010

Holy Moeller!

S&M released a picture today (on their Facebook feed) of their new Dirt Bike cruiser.

And I have to say, it’s making me a little giddy…and super anxious to get the (ahem) dirt on the new 24, in terms of specs and geometry.

But along with my excitement, I also have a bunch of questions:

Is this a new and improved version of the Fit CR24 frame (RIP)?

Was the decision to make a 24 influenced by Rockabilly Jay’s Dirt Bike-inspired cruiser?

When, oh when, will this go into  production?


Showing some skin in Utah

17 01 2010

I’ve asked the question before…and I’ll probably ask it again…is it time to show some skin again?

The skinwall tire, once a staple in the BMX world has all but disappeared. This depresses me a bit because I think skinwalls really make a bike’s wheels “pop.”

That’s probably why I was so pleasantly surprised (and stoked) to see the Fit CR24 that Glenn from Utah has souped up. It’s a new school ride with some old school flava!

The shiny chrome and the skinwalls take me back to the Chrome Hutch Pro Racer I had as a kid. But it’s every bit the modern day 24…from the current geometry, to the taller handlebars to the translucent plastic pedals…this is one sweet ride.

It turns out everyone can get a piece of this retro-cool skinwall magic. Glen tells me that the tires are actually 1.95 Kenda K-rads that SE Bikes had made for their retro cruisers. You can order them through coloredtuffs.com.  I  linked to that page in my earlier skinwall post..back then I was under the impression that they were just generic knock-offs…now that I know that they’re K-rads…well, now I’m pretty tempted.

True, they’re a bit pricey but to finally get a good skinwall tire again…it might just be worth it.

Fit CR24 gets an update for 2010

16 09 2009

Fit bikes just released their 2010 catalogue and it looks like the CR24 has been updated for the new year.  Available in chrome (pictured) and black it looks like Fit has followed the lead of Sunday bikes and gone with a higher bottom bracket. We the People also went with a higher BB on their 2010 24″ Avenue. (I guess there’s no better vindication of Sunday’s pioneering move to update 24″ bike geometry than to have other big-name companies use it on their own models.)

I’m a bit suprised that the top tube length is now shorter…down to 21.25″. While not a significant difference, a large number of 24″ riders are the big side so making the rider area smaller seems to be a strange move.

Also, would it kill them to put some gold components on the black version? They’ve done it on some of their 20″ models and it really makes the bike look sharp.

I do like the chrome version though. It’s got that sweet, old school 80s vibe to it.

Fit CR24 2010

Iron Maiden documentary rocks

21 04 2009

Just got back from the one-day only screening of Flight 666, the Iron Maiden documentary about their 2008 tour. If this ever comes around again in theaters…and one of the creators hinted that it might…you have to go see it.  Even if you’re not an Iron Maiden fan (…uhm really?…Take two “Run to the Hills” and call me in the morning) you’ll get a kick out if it.

Now you might be thinking…what does this have to do with cruisers or BMX? Well my friends, watch this segue. The Iron Maiden-inspired graphics on the Fit Eddie Cleveland frame seem to be what’s missing on those shiny chrome ’09 Fit CR24s that are out now. I think Robbie Morales needs to get his act together and make that happen…it’s the least he could do for not featuring the CR24 anywhere in the  Stay Fit video.  See that segue? Magic!