C-ya Fit CR24, you’ll be missed

23 11 2010

Dear Fit CR24,

We had a good run.

Two great years.

In 2009, you caught my eye with your old school chrome frame. (I later found out you sometimes sported a badass black finish too…something that just added to your allure.)

Underneath that old school flair though beat the heart of a feisty new-school cruiser.

You liked it when I played rough with you. Always coming back for more.

As the seasons changed, so did we.

You could tell there were new competitors for my attention.

Not one to back down, in 2010 you hiked your bottom bracket to keep my interest. You knew it was all about the ride and this change made things more interesting and fun. It looked like you and me were going to make things last.

Sure, there were things about you that irritated me.  You constantly “gave me the gears” with your rear cassette, hub issues.

But we made it work.

Buying you a few new things at the bike shop seemed to keep things good between us.

I thought we were going to make 2011 the best year ever.

Then suddenly you were gone.

I looked through the Fit catalog hoping for a sign, a note, anything….just something saying where you had gone.

But there was nothing.

Now all I have are these pictures of you.

Won’t you come back?

Sure, take the year off…find yourself.

But let’s meet up again…say at Interbike next year…and see if we can’t make this work again.




13 responses

23 11 2010

Can’t work out why they would ditch the best complete cruiser out there (IMHO). Weren’t they selling or something? They seem pretty popular to me.

23 11 2010

Maybe CR24 ran off with Traildigger 24! TD24 is missing from the Eastern Bikes catalog! Though, they were from different sides of the tracks….

23 11 2010

They do say opposites attract. They probably did run off making baby 24″ers.

23 11 2010

Unfortunately…these bikes (cruisers) have primarily been regarded to as the “forgotten class”.

23 11 2010

ha, good diary post. and a damn shame.

23 11 2010

So as completes that leaves us with only the Sunday and WTP?

23 11 2010

Pretty sure MiraCo still makes one. Also that Specialized P24 is a fairly comparable bike to the Sunday and the WTP depending on your riding style.

24 11 2010

That’s it….

Look for the Steve24 Complete in 2012.

No goofy tubing, high bottom bracket, tight rear end, long front, real rear hub, standard front freakin brakes, all chromoly, light as fudge, strong as….well strong….all for a reasonable price with the made in China stickers removed prior to shipment.

What more could one ask for?

RIP FitCR24.

24 11 2010

Yes! Where can we place our pre-order?

24 11 2010

it will be better if they take a year off and fix a few things
*taller bars
*longer tt
*14mm drop outs (2010 came with 3/8s front and rear)
*better rear hub
as long as they keep it 100% cromo

26 11 2010

That sucks. Not that i wanted one but it seems that manufacturers don’t take the 24″ seriously anymore. All we have left are some hi tensil pieces of shit. But for decent completes don’t forget about free agent. Good tt and a quality frame. I ride a 02.

28 11 2010

Sure, a boneheaded move to drop a bike that a lot of people liked…but let’s not get carried away. Plenty of good stuff going on in the 24″ world…Specialized came out with a good complete this year, all the stuff about to drop from Sunday (front brake forks, Wave-C), more and more people riding Liquid frames…just to name a few things.

29 06 2017
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