Iron Maiden documentary rocks

21 04 2009

Just got back from the one-day only screening of Flight 666, the Iron Maiden documentary about their 2008 tour. If this ever comes around again in theaters…and one of the creators hinted that it might…you have to go see it.  Even if you’re not an Iron Maiden fan (…uhm really?…Take two “Run to the Hills” and call me in the morning) you’ll get a kick out if it.

Now you might be thinking…what does this have to do with cruisers or BMX? Well my friends, watch this segue. The Iron Maiden-inspired graphics on the Fit Eddie Cleveland frame seem to be what’s missing on those shiny chrome ’09 Fit CR24s that are out now. I think Robbie Morales needs to get his act together and make that happen…it’s the least he could do for not featuring the CR24 anywhere in the  Stay Fit video.  See that segue? Magic!




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