Yard work just got more interesting

15 02 2010

Found this vid recently while poking around on vimeo.

It looks like Jason G has got the right idea when it comes to doing yard work.

Check out his sweet backyard pumptrack.



5 responses

17 02 2010
Jason G

haha, good find. I apologize for getting all sentimental with my son but I can’t help being a proud new Dad that still likes bikes. This vid was made right at the beginning of completing a closed loop, it looks a lot different now and plans to add more this year of coarse!

17 02 2010

No apologies necessary…I’m sure you’re son is stoked to have such a cool Dad! Looking forward to seeing how the pumptrack develops this year!

25 02 2010

jason- thanks for the vid- would be great to see the update!
keep us posted.

14 03 2010

Awesome set-up Jason!! I actually broke ground this past weekend on my own pumptrack in my yard. If all goes well I should be able to ride it by next weekend.

8 01 2016
A primer on how to build a pumptrack | cruiser revolution

[…] city-council supported facilities to rider-built pump tracks in the woods, all the way to tight setups in the backyard…you can pretty much get a pump track going […]

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