Just another Mercury Morgan Monday

18 01 2016

Mix equal parts Brian Scura showmanship and Matt Hoffman-style daredeviltry, add a touch of Colin Winkelman-style craziness and top it all off with a little revivalist-style preaching*…and you get this internet gem: Mercury Morgan’s “Leap of Faith” jump.

Mercury Morgan — from the Ringling Brothers Circus and That’s Incrediblejumps his bike over a helicopter and through a burning wall(!), in Belfast, NY.

The action is captured with 14 cameras, including a GoPro strapped to his chest.

Pretty cool…although I’m not so sure about the bike setup….It looks a bit dodgy with a mish-mash of MTB and BMX parts (you can make out an Odyssey logo on the stem at least).

*Mercury Morgan uses the “leap of faith” jump as a way to share his faith at events around the U.S.