Just another Mercury Morgan Monday

18 01 2016

Mix equal parts Brian Scura showmanship and Matt Hoffman-style daredeviltry, add a touch of Colin Winkelman-style craziness and top it all off with a little revivalist-style preaching*…and you get this internet gem: Mercury Morgan’s “Leap of Faith” jump.

Mercury Morgan — from the Ringling Brothers Circus and That’s Incrediblejumps his bike over a helicopter and through a burning wall(!), in Belfast, NY.

The action is captured with 14 cameras, including a GoPro strapped to his chest.

Pretty cool…although I’m not so sure about the bike setup….It looks a bit dodgy with a mish-mash of MTB and BMX parts (you can make out an Odyssey logo on the stem at least).

*Mercury Morgan uses the “leap of faith” jump as a way to share his faith at events around the U.S.




One response

5 02 2016
John Mercury Morgan

This was in Belfast New York. Sadly, this town has experienced a tragedy like few others.
In the last two years, three teenagers have committed suicide in this town. If you Google “Belfast, New York” you will see what I’m talking about.
The leaders in this town had a dilemma. Because they have heard of the unspoken “suicide pact” among the current teenagers. They have opened a youth center… But of course many of the teenagers don’t want to go to the youth cente… they want to go get high. So what to do…
They asked us to come. And to come with the message… I have a message on my heart for the youth of America. And that message is: “the rest of your life is the best of your life!!” That God has a plan for your life. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you… Plans to give you hope and a future – Jeremiah 29:11.
So we came, myself my team. We did the jump. As far as why didn’t the helicopter have the propeller blade spinning. Of course we wanted to do that, the blades have nothing to do with the success or failure of the jump. There was just a mechanical problem with the helicopter and the blades we couldn’t get to spin.
I understand, because of peoples hurt and offense, and injury from “toxic faith” people are going to come up with all kinds of crazy negative responses to what we do:
One dude said, “they use that helicopter to fly from place to place and get money, and tithes from the poor people”. Ha !! Yeah right !!
Or “they’re only in it for the money” we were brought in by the ministerial Association of Allegheny County in the lower part of New York State. This is a very economically depressed county. 14 churches united to bring this event. The budget for the whole program was $2500. Understand that out of this budget, the film crew was paid, the insurance was paid for and my crew was paid for. Personally I didn’t make any money on this jump.
I like how one guy said, “it’s no big deal they just make it look so with the cosmetic trappings”. OK pal, do me a favor. Get on your bike, have them tow you up to over 50 miles an hour go off a 10 foot take off ramp and look at what I was looking at, with no view of the landing ramp… Then tell me how much of a phony I am. But it’s all good, I don’t do this for the praise or accolades of man… The purpose that we did this program was to let the teenagers in Allegheny County know that their problems will not be solved with a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Thank you for letting me vent, the Lord bless you all

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