Can a pumptrack save your marriage?

14 02 2011

A good relationship always allows for some give and take.

We do things for our significant others when sometimes we’d rather be doing something else.

Likewise, having a nice place to share is important too.

Unfortunately, the work involved to keep a nice place often has a way of interfering with the time we like to spend riding. This can create some tension, unless your spouse happens to be as bike-crazy as you are.

The answer?

A pumptrack.

But not just any pumptrack.

We’re talking a manicured, landscaped pumptrack like the one in the backyard of John and Maggie of the San Diego Mountain Bike Association, as featured on the ihatebikes site.

This yard is a thing of beauty. (Although that wall is crying out to be incorporated as a feature in the pump track.)

Here’s another shot:

So maybe you and your spouse can’t agree on the decor in your home…but with a yard like this, at least you’ll have a yard you can both enjoy (…and you’ll never have to be nagged to do yardwork again!).

All pics by Jason Van Horn at




7 responses

14 02 2011

oh… the thoughts running through my mind right now… Thanks for the ideas!!!

14 02 2011

For Valentines day my wife watered the line at Walnut Creek for me. For her, I swept the line after she watered it. Then shredenating closely followed. If only we had a backyard I could totally talk her into something like this…someday.

15 02 2011

For real?

15 02 2011

We were out there all morning on Saturday. It was awesome. We just moved a few miles down the road from that place.

16 02 2011

Yall are up north now,where about?

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