The UK has the right idea

4 10 2011

Spotted this sweet pumptrack vid on a VintageBMX thread today.

Talk about an awesome setup!

Word has it that these tracks are popping up all over the UK….and they’re paid for by the local city councils!

Not only that, you can get a decent cup of tea there too…maybe it’s time for a visit.




2 responses

5 10 2011

that’s gotta be one of the nicest ones i’ve seen… looks like some great crossover lines too!

a group of us are working on a bike park here in San Francisco, 2 pump tracks are in the latest design. the meetings have been going well and the process so far has been smooth and well received…

8 01 2016
A primer on how to build a pumptrack | cruiser revolution

[…] to mention, their versatility…from city-council supported facilities to rider-built pump tracks in the woods, all the way to tight setups in the backyard…you can […]

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