Forget Dr. Phil, build a pumptrack!

6 09 2011

Back in February, we discussed Can a pumptrack save your marriage?

But what happens when your marriage is…how do I put this delicately?…on the rocks?

Well, if you’re like Jon Maglio and already have a simple pumptrack in your backyard, you get digging! Breaking out the shovel and getting his pumptrack super dialed with more flow and obstacles was Jon’s preferred form of therapy.

Just check out this video. Judging by the smile on his face at the end, this form of therapy was more effective than anything Dr. Phil could’ve recommended.




3 responses

6 09 2011
len weed

Did he ditch the Mrs because that pumptrack looks like more fun than any wife could be 🙂 lol

8 09 2011

pumping in flip plops….

remind me NOT to do that!

8 01 2016
A primer on how to build a pumptrack | cruiser revolution

[…] whether pumptracks can save your marriage…or provide therapy when its on the rocks…I’ll let you […]

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