Feeling Moody on a Monday

2 06 2014

How’s this for a Monday pick-me-up?

Joseph Moody laying out some style aboard a Mongoose prototype (that I’m pretty sure would later become the Mongoose Thrive) in San Francisco.

joe moody

I saw this picture a while back and filed it away in a mental file to use it in the future. When it popped up again in Moody’s Facebook feed, I knew I had to share.

Joe’s backstory makes this even more rad.

As you might remember from a previous post, it was through riding BMX that Joseph Moody discovered that he had cancer…and it was by riding BMX that he was able to beat it.

Moody is someone that not only kicks ass on a bike but he’s kicked cancer’s ass as well.




2 responses

30 06 2014

This is one of my favorite Moody jams.

25 01 2016
Just another Moody Monday | cruiser revolution

[…] Joseph Moody’s a rad dude with a great attitude. […]

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