Sin City…4130 style

23 09 2011

After a week in Vegas, checking out the latest and greatest  at interbike, celebrating the top riders in the sport at the Nora Cup Awards and just taking in the spectacle of the Strip…it felt there was something missing from my interbike experience.

Sure flashy new bikes and parts are cool but BMX is so much more than that. It’s that feeling you get when you get a group of riders together and have a good ride or session.

Thankfully the 4130 crew, together with Vegas local Micheal Leonard, brought the L.A.-based 4130 Subway Series ride to Las Vegas to coincide with interbike.  Renamed the 4130 Sin City Series ride, 200 plus riders made it out to take part in what would become an epic ride.   Everyone was smiling and having a good time…old school, new school, race or street rider…it didn’t matter. It was a celebration of BMX in it’s purest form.

That good feeling you get when a good group of riders gets together to ride?

The 4130 rides have that in spades.

I’m still hyped on the ride a week later.

So much fun.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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23 09 2011

its so funny, almost like you purposely wore that sure so every picture on the web of that ride you would see the cruiser revolution t-shirt. could spot that shirt from the mile away, literally. it was good riding with you and glad i was able to loan ya my cruiser so you could participate.

23 09 2011

ha ha…yeah, I didn’t realize that shirt would be noticeable so many pictures. Not going to complain though…have to spread the word, right? Thanks again for loaning me your bike…and a special shout out to the support crew, they did a great job of keeping us going with drinks, tools for repairs, etc. Great riding with you, the Mayor…really, everybody that came out that night. Great ride!

31 12 2011
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