Liquid Bikes gets a mention in BMX Plus

22 02 2014

In most months, you would be hard pressed to find any sort of  24″ BMX coverage in the major BMX magazines. For them, 20″ coverage is where it’s at. And who can fault them? That’s probably what the bulk of their ridership is rolling on.

But every once and while, the BMX mags throw us a bone and feature something for the big-wheeled brethren.  Which is what happened in the April edition of BMX Plus! in the “Trick Stuff” section.  Liquid Bikes gets some good coverage of their Feedback V2 frame.

liquid bikes in April BMX PlusNice to see.

Hopefully we’ll see more of this.

Speaking of which, I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see a new edit from Liquid Bikes soon…for now let’s take another peek of this old footage of the Feedback prototype being ridden at the Koala trails.





Trail testing the prototype Liquid frame

20 12 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty stoked to see Liquid Bikes back in the game with the release of the Feedback V2 frame.

To remind everyone but how well Liquid frames handle in the dirt, Liquid’s Jeremy Combs posted some old footage of  himself riding  the Koala Trails on a prototype Liquid Feedback frame.

So rad.

15 seconds of motivation

26 06 2013

Nothing like a Jeremy Combs edit to make you want to get out and ride some dirt.

Even if it is only 15 seconds long.

Shot with an iPhone at the Koala Trails.

Koala edit Jeremy combs

Tabletop shots never get old

17 08 2012

I’ve said it before…the classic tabletop never gets old.

Been around forever and they’ll stay around forever.

Jeremy Combs, laying one out.