Sometimes you have to get a little crazy

7 06 2012

What do you get when you combine the manic energy of Bobcat Goldthwait, the over-the-top delivery of Ric Flair  and an over-caffeinated Monster Truck Rally announcer?

You get this guy.

Archie Dann.

Check out this video of Archie promoting opening day at Virginia Motorsports Park BMX.

I bet you’ve never heard a BMX track described as:

It’s fast…it’s crazy…like a bullet train covered with Vaseline going down…the belly…of a whale (1:10)

Fast forward to about 1:45 where his manic delivery starts to go supernova.

Be there





and from there it just keeps on building…to the point I think Archie’s head might  just explode right there in the video.

Check it out.




3 responses

7 06 2012

Either Archie needs some Li2Co3 or he’s prooving that Virginia has GOOD crittle chunks!

14 06 2012
archie dann

Thank you for the press. It’s all about growing the sport we love. I’ll be racing my CRUISER at VMP-BMX this Saturday. Keep up the great work. Big wheels are fast like a bullet train!

15 06 2012

Like a bullet train! Perhaps there will be a cruiser-inspired video filmed this weekend?

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