Ralph Macchio rode a Mongoose Two/Four

10 04 2014

In 1984, a movie about a handyman/martial artist that agrees to teach a bullied boy karate hit movies screens.

The movie was The Karate Kid.

If you came of age in the 80s, you no doubt recall this film.


But, take a minute here, do you remember the bike that Ralph Macchio, the “Karate Kid” in the movie rode?

It was a Mongoose Two/Four.

Karate Kid Kos roof

A nice little cameo in a major motion picture for BMX cruiser fans.

Karate Kid Kos


Cool pics from Mongoose…just be KOS

27 06 2012

Mongoose posted some cool cruiser-related pics on their Facebook feed today including this one by Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg letting loose on his KOS Kruiser.

Classic style on a classic bike.

Chris is well known in the MTB world for his big, creative moves. Kinda makes you wonder why Mongoose hasn’t set him up with one of the Mongoose Thrive 24s (previously discussed on CR last year).¬† I think you’d really see Chris go off on one of those bikes…

Mongoose also posted this great vintage ad for the Mongoose Two/Four, with the caption, “The original Kos Kruiser. Did you miss it?

So cool.

Probably the coolest pic of the day though is the one featuring the custom Kos Kruiser they built for Jeff ‘Kos’ Kosmala’s wife, Vicky. It’s painted pink¬† in recognition of Vicky’s battle with breast cancer and her successful recovery.

So stoked on this. Nice work Mongoose.