Is tubeless the next big thing in BMX?

29 06 2012

Alienation, taking a cue from the MTB world, is bringing a tubeless tire system to BMX later this year.

Called the Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) Tire and Rim system, this looks like it could be a game-changer if it lives up to the hype it’s starting to generate.

The benefits? A drastic reduction in flats and…according to Alienation…a quick way to drop a pound off your bike.

For some proof of how flats could be a thing of the past with the setup, check out this video:

It looks like the icepick doesn’t stand a chance of causing a flat with the sealant doing its job in the TCS system.

In terms of weight-savings,  Zach Taylor of Alienation broke it down in a recent Vintage BMX thread with the following example:

…you’re not only cutting weight in the tubes, but the rims as well. Our Runaway rim is roughly 425 grams whereas the Malice TCS rim is 325 grams. An average tube is 115 to 120 grams. That is 100g + 100g + 115g + 115g = 430 grams (454 grams to a pound) savings. Our 20 x 1.85 TCS Graffiti tire which is as wide as a popular 20×1.95 is only 430 grams. That is another 70 grams savings x 2. We can pull a pound off most if not all bikes with our system.

Sounds like they may really have something here.

No word yet if a 24 inch versions will be made available but if this tire and rim system starts getting traction, I’m sure we’ll see one (or more) in very short order.

For more details on the Alienation TCS system, check out the TCS page on the Alienation site or the writeup/podcast on BMXNews.




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