2011 We The People Avenger 24″ preview

30 07 2010

We The People is back for 2011 with an update to the  Avenger 24″.  It was called the Avenue in previous years but it had a mid-season name change in 2010 to the Avenger.

Right of the bat, you’ll notice the look has changed to a cleaner glossy-red finish, right down to the cranks (a nice touch) with stripped-down graphics that are a bit on the basic, ho-hum side.

Notables include a new top-loading stem, 7″ bars, Odyssey tires, and double-wall rims.

However, a bit of a disappointment  is the 21.25″ top tube/15.23″ chain stay dimensions. I would have really liked to have seen a longer top-tube and a slightly tighter chain stay length.

All in all though, if you can get past the shorter top-tube, this is looks like it could be one of the better completes out there for the new year.

My apologies for the blurry picture.

It was the best I could find at the current time. I will link to a better image once it becomes available.

Update: We The People has posted an online version of their 2011 catalog.




19 responses

30 07 2010

why is the tt length of 21.25 an issue?
With the tt bar as high as it is (in line at the back with the top of the back wheel) and the low angle it’s at, then 21.25 is more or less eqv to 21.8 tt at a steeper angle.

30 07 2010

I’m tall so I like a bit more room in the front.

I remember when the Model-C complete came out a number of people were also disappointed that it wasn’t available in the longer version (that’s available if you buy the frame alone).

That being said, the new stem looks like it might have a bit more reach so that might make things a bit more roomy too.

30 07 2010

Rode and jumped 2010 model at the trails here in austin.The dude that had it put 165mm cranks on it because his foot was hitting the front tire,and so does mine.That is the main reason for me at least I would want a longer top tube.Other than that it rode well and felt really light.Also rode my friends Liquid with a 22.25 top tube,WAY BETTER!!!

30 07 2010

Hmmm, didn’t think about the foot rubbing problem! Good point.
Guess the 21.75 modelc will avoid that?

30 07 2010

i ride the 21.75 Sunday Model C and my foot rubs a tad. but its nothing too bad. i can still do x-ups and stuff. and my buddy (who rides the 21.25″) can still barspin his like its nothing. he also can do a meeeeean looking turndown on his Model C.
the only time i find my foot buzzing my tire is if i am rolling straight at very low speeds (5mph) and turn the bars past a 45 deg angle. its weird, but most tricks and things you do that you would think your feet would rub on doesnt end up rubbing.

30 07 2010

that top load stem does look pretty fresh.

gremlin- you be at the walnut creek pump track tonight? heard there was a get together going on for some dudes birthday (again!). i will be rocking my model c there tonight.

30 07 2010

I will be there early til about 6 then have to go to band practice.Damn,I am going to miss a good time and a good chance to ride that gold wheel beauty.I will be there tomorrow until dark though.

30 07 2010

i have the 2010 WTP Avenue and like it alot. It’s not my main ride (Kink Doyle 20.5 bmx) but it is my first 24. I mainly ride it on dirt, but have taken it to a few parks and can say it definitely is an easy bike to transition to. A few times i have had both bikes with me and swap them out in b/n runs with no problem. For the future though I definitely will look towards a company like Liquid with a more aggressive approach to their geometry.

1 08 2010

had the same problems with my foot hitting the front tire. this is why i´m using 165mm wtp cranks on my dk general lee (21.00 tt) and 170mm odyssey cranks on my model c (21.75 tt). shorter cranks are great because i love the harder pedaling.

1 08 2010
Ian Smith

Interesting to see everyone’s comments about size.
Got me thinking – wouldn’t all this mean that the Faction 22″ bike is the ideal bike for us then? – Long enough top tube, small/big/stable enough wheels?

1 08 2010

I’m probably one of the few people here who ride an older cruiser, which is a 94 Elf. Since we’re talking about TT lengths, mine is a very roomy 22.25.

25 09 2010

I just got the 2010 WTP Avenger and I’m pretty amazed by how it rides. I got it for less than the cost of a new frame so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s too bad that Sunday completely crapped out on their 2011 Model C EX completes and went with mostly Hi-Ten Steel frames and forks. The 2011 WTP is still a full cromo frame and fork. The front hub is now unsealed, but the tires are better. Still an awesome deal compared to the new Sundays.

1 04 2011
Came off MTB

I just pulled the trigger on the 2011 Avenger and test rode the 2011 Sunday C EX before choosing this. The big selling point for me was the cromo frame. The rest, no biggie. Probably change out the hubs later to sealed and leave the rest stock. I’ve been MTBiking for years and just don’t have the time anymore but wanted a nice bike I could ride on paved roads, throw on dirt and get a little crazy with. Beautiful bike indeed!

11 02 2012

Hey i bought this bike WTP 24″ avenger 2011, did anyone have problems with bending their forks?

18 10 2012

My fork bent inwards , hub towards the bottom bracket alittle. I was using it a lot on rocky downhill mountain bike trails though…

15 12 2013

Oh i bent mine out jumping it too hard.

28 08 2013
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