Updating the common cable hanger

27 07 2010

John Beck sent me a note a while back regarding something he’s been experimenting with.

While working on a custom steel project for his “day gig” he came across a solution to the often frustrating task of dialing-in brakes when dealing with a cable hanger.

His solution? An elegant design that requires no tools and only one hand to adjust.

This is what it looks like:

In a thread on BMXmuseum.com, John explained how it works:

The cable enters (from the lever) into the knurled top, and exits at the bottom. Once the cable is inserted, it is “gripped” internally and can hold a serious amount of weight. Tighten the knurled piece and it locks in tight. To loosen or remove you just undo the knurled piece, push it in and the cable is released. The short cable at the brake enters through the sides, similar to the typical design.

John’s still testing the idea out but if this holds up it could become a very cool upgrade.




7 responses

28 07 2010

I’ll take ten of them.


29 07 2010

i went and bought a demolition cable hanger. my old one was giving problems when the cable would slip off. the demolition cable hanger makes it so it wont slip. great product as well.

29 07 2010


Send me your address anmd I’ll send you to help test if you’d like

29 07 2010

Steve Trover
950 Celebration Ave,
Celebration Fl 34747

29 07 2010

I will give a full report. Thanks!

29 07 2010

855 cypress pines way henderson NV 89002

29 07 2010

i ride alot…pretty much everyday so if you want a thurough test then i’ll hook ya up

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