DMR gets some skin in the game

20 07 2010

Summer’s here and people are showing more skin.

Your bike should be no different.

Ready to take the plunge and rock the skinwall tire?

A good option might be the DMR Supermoto, available in wire and kevlar. Technically a MTB dirt jumping tire, it seems like it would be a great option for a 24″ BMX.  2.1 inches wide with a low profile  it would be at home at skateparks,  trails and race tracks. It’s relatively lightweight too.

Not sure how widely available this tire is in North America (DMR is based out of the UK) but their site shows both U.S. and Canada distribution so you should be able to get it if your bike shop deals with one of the listed distributors.

For more on my one-man crusade to bring back the skinwall tire, check out  Is it time to show some skin again? and Showing some skin in Utah.

Update: The 24″ version of this tire is available in wire only. The 26″ version is available in both wire and kevlar.




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20 07 2010

i like the way that tire looks. You told me where to find the Kenda skinwalls that i had on but those things just could not hold up to my riding. Less than a month the back tire wore down to the tube. and i know what you’re thinking and NO i did not slide my back tire when i stop. it was from normal wear and tear. so needless to say i had to put my Maxxis tires back on and they serve me good. I would definitly try finding these tires though as long as they have a pretty good reputation.

20 07 2010

Wow…I have always wanted to go on a one-man crusade. Seriously.

I’m thinkin I might try to bring back threaded forks. Or how about lay back seat posts? (or just seat posts in general) I also really miss caliper brakes. Maybe that’s the ticket.

Remember when freestyle was more like a one-man crusade?
It took something more than a bar spin tail whip variation to be considered creative?

I miss that as well. Maybe I will go on a one-man crusade to bring back freestyle creativity. But then if I go on a one-man crusade I might just be copying your one-man crusade for skin walls. Would that take a way from the creativity of it? Would I be starting a new trend where every rider has a one-man crusade to go along with their slammed seat and lack of brakes?

Sorry gentlemen. I need coffee.

20 07 2010

I think someone has already started a crusade to save the seatpost (layback or otherwise)…check out “Bring the seatpost back to BMX” (

Now a crusade to save the caliper…that’s a crusade with legs…I’ve always liked the look of Dia-Compe MX-1000s…

21 07 2010

That blog is the best…..oops……I mean second best. coming soon.

Somewhat on topic – I just put a hundred psi in my KHE park tires (warned about on this blog) on my newly acquired model c and rode it down my drive way. I did a 180 and the front tire blew. Sounded like a 44 mag round fired two inches from my ear.

I think my neighbors called the cops and told them I shot my wife.
If I don’t post for a while you know where I am.

20 07 2010

Looks like a nice tire,but can it hold up at the park
Most of the ones I tried failed except for the Odysey P-lyte 2.25
which I have been running since they came out.

21 07 2010

I don’t know about this tyre but they do make a street/park tyre called the transition tyre – I have been rolling with these on my dmr transition and they are bomb proof

25 07 2010

I have had these for months on my Model C.
Note, if you want to slam your back wheel of your Model C to give your front more lift only go with a front one of these as the rear will leave you with 2mm both sides of the chain-stays which will allow for zero buckling!

Also I have spoken to DMR extensively about the tires being made in kevlar for the 24″ and they don’t exist, the distributers have it wrong,DMR told me that the tooling for kevlar in this size is far too expensive for the number of tyres they think they would sell so they definitely have no plans for a 24″ kevlar tyre at this stage.

25 07 2010

BY the way
I forgot to mention that the Supermoto tyre rides really well in park and street (never tried them on dirt) the DMR transition is a really nice tyre that I also ran at one stage but, is extremely heavy so if you are not weight conscious then you would love them too

25 07 2010

Thanks for letting us know how the DMR Supermotos worked for you!

I thought for sure that I had seen somewhere that the 24″ version was available in kevlar…but a quick check on the DMR site confirms that a kevlar version is only available in 26″.

Good to hear that they hold up to park and street!

23 08 2010

anyone find a way to get these in the US? QBP doesnt seem to carry them. I found a UK website, but they would be $75 shipped to Cali.

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