There might be a trend here…

15 07 2010

Looks like there might be more kids traveling in style.

Check out Matt Shelley on a classic Redline cruiser with his daughter riding co-pilot.

Can’t help but wonder if all these kids riding co-pilot with their Dads are going to graduate to sidehacks when they get a little older. This might be a bigger comeback for sidehacks than previously imagined…




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15 07 2010

thats a cool little rig he has set up there. The little one looks like shes having fun.

15 07 2010

Thats a pretty nice bike! A Knight Retro Squareback. Pretty sick frames!

16 07 2010

thanks guys. that seat is called an iBert and made in the USA. in minutes can bolt onto any bike that has 3/4 of an inch vertical space in the stem area. kids love it!!

we’ve rolled a few easy trails by the house… but have not taken it to the track as it doesn’t manual for beans.

this is actually a 1998 redline RL 444 that i rescued and restored in an attempt to regain the square back of my youth.

16 07 2010

Wow, I had no idea they made frames like that in the 90’s! KIller!!!

16 07 2010

it was during the over-engineered days of the “big block” era. i shaved about 4 lbs off of it just by installing a redline proline fork LOL!

16 07 2010

I used to have that same frame then. The squareback is a sweet frame. Atleast its not another picture of a model c LoL

16 07 2010

this comment is sort of un-related to this post….so i will at least leave the comment of that picture is awesome!! Dad and kid looked stoked!

i looked high and low on this site for an email to contact the moderator…but i figure you will see this comment. can you get in touch with me directly? please email me at or i need to get in touch with you dude!!

if anyone else has an email contact for the moderator of this site please leave it in the comments, i will be checking back until i get in touch with him. thanks! and ps, this blog rules…

18 07 2010

Hey Bobby,

Check out the “About” page for the e-mail:

Ed @

25 08 2010

love it nice way to roll, as for the side hack its only a matter of time..also you can get quite a bit of shopping in one :p

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