DMR gets some skin in the game

20 07 2010

Summer’s here and people are showing more skin.

Your bike should be no different.

Ready to take the plunge and rock the skinwall tire?

A good option might be the DMR Supermoto, available in wire and kevlar. Technically a MTB dirt jumping tire, it seems like it would be a great option for a 24″ BMX.  2.1 inches wide with a low profile  it would be at home at skateparks,  trails and race tracks. It’s relatively lightweight too.

Not sure how widely available this tire is in North America (DMR is based out of the UK) but their site shows both U.S. and Canada distribution so you should be able to get it if your bike shop deals with one of the listed distributors.

For more on my one-man crusade to bring back the skinwall tire, check out  Is it time to show some skin again? and Showing some skin in Utah.

Update: The 24″ version of this tire is available in wire only. The 26″ version is available in both wire and kevlar.