New year, new colors for Stolen Saint XLT

3 04 2018

Stolen just release pictures of the new colorways for the 2019 Saint XLT 24: Espresso and Velvet Red.

You could say you have the option of “mild” or “wild”….that Velvet Red with Red tires is a bold look!

What do you think?

(Full deets here)

I’m still a sucker for those tanwall tires tho…



Scoping out the 2018 STLN Saint XLT 24

29 08 2017

The Saint XLT 24 has returned to the Stolen Bikes lineup again for 2018.

For this go-around, Stolen stuck with the geometry of the previous year’s model (which they updated for that model year).

For your reference, it breaks down like this:

  • HT: 74.25°
  • ST: 70°
  • TT: 21.75″
  • CS: 15.0″
  • SO: 9.6″
  • BB: 13.30″

And like it’s predecessor, it continues to hit all the high notes: Full chromoly construction, sealed components and 48-spline cranks.

New for this year (and similar to the Zeke XLT) is the addition of the long-ish 300mm Pivotal post.

Two new colorways for this year too.

First off, the Trans Black/Gold Fade.

And next, the stealthy flat black.

Nice looking rigs!

I know I’ve said this before, but the Saint continues to be one of the best spec’d, best value 24s on the market.  Hit up your Stolen dealer right quick if you’re looking for a good new school 24.


Checking in on the 24s

28 09 2016

The 24s may not get the same love as the 20s in the BMX section of Interbike but there was still plenty to check out this year.

Stolen featured the chrome version of their Saint XLT. The geometry has been tweaked/improved this year so an already great bike has gotten even better.


We The People showcased another favorite, the 24″ Atlas. The added “Wow” factor of the candy apple red paint job for 2017 was in full effect.  Looking good.


Haro also got in the act with their entry-level Downtown 24. Those look-at-me green tires are hard to miss.


SE showcased the metallic red version of their lineup mainstay, the So Cal Flyer.


Free Agent featured two 24″ cruisers. The entry-level race cruiser, the Ambush 24.


And their more freestyle-y 24″ Ratio.


By the way, I would love to see the Ratio get a bit more of an update –beyond the cosmetic — in the future.  (Those bars are looking mighty short for one thing.)

Sadly Redline wasn’t at the show (I was hoping to check out the Asset 24 and the updated PL-26) and GT didn’t feature a 24.

But GT did have something else that was super cool to check out.

More on that later.

2017 Stolen Saint XLT & Zeke XLT

15 08 2016

The ever-popular Stolen Saint XLT and its newer 26″ cousin, the Zeke XLT have been updated for 2017.

The Stolen Saint XLT retains its main selling points: full chromoly construction, 48 Spline Cranks and double-walled rims.


What’s new this year is a slightly revised geometry.

For 2017, the Saint XLT sports the following specs:

  • HT: 74.25°
  • ST: 70°
  • TT: 21.75″
  • CS: 15.0″
  • SO: 9.6″
  • BB: 13.30″

Available in Satin White with Camo accents or Chrome Plated with Black accents (both versions look pretty trick in my opinion).

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of tanwall tires and the Saint XLT has those too…on their also ever-popular Joint tires.


Zeke XLT

The 26″ Zeke XLT stays essentially the same geometry-wise to its 2016 predecessor (You can check out the full specs here).

It also retains its full chromoly construction and sealed components.

What has changed is its look.


New for 2017 is the choice of a shiny red or flat black colorway (both with black components).

2017STLN-ZekeXLT2-SMNote: tanwalls only on the black version.

Some well-spec’d bikes with killer looks…hard to go wrong here folks.

A little tan never hurt anyone

16 10 2013

Well, it looks like the old skinwall tire is back again.

Sort of.

These days it’s more likely to be called “tan wall.”

And I couldn’t be happier to see it make its long-awaited return.

I’ve joked in previous posts that I’m on a one-man crusade to save the skinwall.

Whether it’s references to tire manufacturers getting skin in the game, asking if it’s time to show some skin again or showing some skin in Utah…I got a thing for the old school-ly look of the skin or tan wall tire.

At Interbike this year you could see the tanwall making it’s presence known on some of the new completes.

From the We The People Atlas 24

To the Free Agent Ratio

To the Stolen Saint XLT

The smooth style of the tan wall was out there getting noticed.

Heck, Stolen is even offering a tan wall tire as an aftermarket option.

It looks like for 2014, sporting some tan might be the way to go.

Stolen Bikes steals the show

25 09 2013

The folks at Stolen Bikes had dropped a few teasers in the comments of the Countdown to Interbike post that they were going to have a lot of new cruiser stuff on display this year for Interbike. So, when I got to the show I was eager to check out their booth to see what the hype was about.

They weren’t kidding around.

But first, let’s take a look at their current lineup.

The mainstay in their lineup, the Saint,  is still holding strong for 2014 but now comes in a rad Matte Retro Red…

Stolen Saint Matte Retro Red

…and a Matte Gum color.

Stolen Saint Matte Gum front

Next up, the Saint XLT is also still in the lineup.  It’s available in a Basic Black with polished components….

Stolen Saint XLT Black

…and a super cool looking “Super Blue” version.

Stolen Saint XLT Super Blue

What’s new for this year?

Stolen has decided to get into the aftermarket end of the 24″ bike market.

In their booth, they had their new 24″ Gold frame & fork on display.

Available in Matte Black or Sandblasted Matte Raw, the frame features a 21.75″ top tube and the following specs:

  • 74.5 degree HT
  • 71 degree ST
  • 15″ CS
  • 13.8 ” BB height

Stolen24inch Gold Frame Fork

Stolen is also offering 24″ Rebellion wheels as an aftermarket option. Sealed hubs, female axles and available in a range of colors, these look like a great way to trick out your ride when it comes time to replace your wheels.

Stolen 24in Rebellion Wheels

But the 24″ parts goodness doesn’t stop there. Stolen is has also brought out some high-pressure (110 PSI) tires called Joint HP tires. They have a nice low profile design…and this is the part I love…they come in both a tan and white wall version!

Stolen Joint HP Tires tread

A new 26″ complete

Finally, Stolen’s new 26″ Freestyle cruiser called the Zeke made its debut at the show.  The frame has 100% chromoly tubes, a chromoly fork with a one-piece steerer, aftermarket MOB cranks, and a bunch of other good stuff.

Stolen Zeke front

It features a 22.5″ top tube and has the following specs:

  • 74.5 degree HT
  • 71 degree ST
  • 16.25″ CS
  • 12.5″ BB height

(Update: these specs are not final…they’re being tweaked before production. See the comments section for more details.)

Here’s a side profile:

26 Stolen Zeke

All in all, a great display of cruiser awesomeness from Stolen.  Super stoked to see them step up their commitment to the big wheels of BMX!