Redline revs up the retro with 2017 PL-26

19 08 2016

Back in early 2015, Redline caught our attention when they revealed that they had rebooted the iconic PL-24 as a 26-inch.

It was billed as a “modern take on the classic.”

And while it did have modern touches, like an integrated 1 1/8 headset and linear brakes to complement the old school graphics, Flight cranks and bear claw pedals…it never seemed quite “retro enough” (at least to us) in the black paint job they had selected for the reboot.

Thankfully for 2017, Redline has revved up the retro factor and decked it out in white…which is much more fitting color-wise and more reminiscent of the era that inspired it.


Check out the rest of the specs and deets here.

(All pics: Redline)




5 responses

20 08 2016
Jeffrey J Kain

Their promo video sucks. Almost no it does promote stupidity.

21 08 2016

Yeah, I was a bit surprised by that vid too. Kinda dropped the ball on that one.

22 08 2016

It’s close, but I’m waiting for a RL-26. Or RL-26II.

25 08 2016

An RL-24II with new school geometry (similar to the Asset 24) is what I’m hoping for!

28 09 2016
Checking in on the 24s | cruiser revolution

[…] Redline wasn’t at the show (I was hoping to check out the Asset 24 and the updated PL-26) and GT didn’t feature a […]

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