DMR Wrath: MTB or BMX?

10 10 2012

DMR Bikes have been putting out dirt jumping-oriented mountain bikes for some time now. Based out of the UK, their irreverent, BMX-ish mentality has garnered them a considerable following.

That following extends outside of the MTB community as well.

I’ve seen a number of builds featuring DMR’s distinctive Supermoto tires and their Vault platform pedal is popular among MTBers and BMXers alike.

With the introduction of their 2013 lineup, that line DMR has been walking between MTB and BMX is getting thinner still. Sure, they still have full-on MTBs on offer but what got my attention is the new DMR Wrath.

(pic from Pinkbike)

According to DMR, the Wrath has “BMX race-inspired geometry” that is “at home on the pump-track, park and dirt jumps.”

It certainly has a BMX look to it!

Available in both 24″ and 26″ sizes, it’s built around a cro-mo frame and features a 3-piece cro-mo crank, plastic pedals, Supermoto tires, amongst other good things.

(pic by James Costley-White, Chop MTB)

Looks like a really solid build.

About the only pure MTB feature to it is the disc brakes.

Could this be the start of more cross-over style bikes from DMR?

Time will tell.

But I’m liking this first effort!

Pad sets: poised for a comeback?

25 05 2011

With so many old school bmx setups making comebacks these days–things like seat & seat post combos or front brakes–I thought I would make the case for something near and dear to my heart.

The pad set.

And if not the complete pad set…

At least the cross bar pad.

I started running one a while back after a session at my local pump track.

There was a downed tree in a particular section and I had to duck every time I went under it. Every time I ducked my grill was super close to the cross bar. I soon realized a hockey player smile was in my future if I ever happened to slip a pedal and come into contact with a cross bar.

After the session I dug through some old BMX parts and found an old cross bar pad. It was pretty basic but it did the job. I’ve since upgraded to something more stylish, which you can see below.

Cross bar pads are hot! Just look at the flames on this one...

I’m not sure exactly how much protection it actually does offer but a little is better than nothing…dental work can be expensive.

And for those of you that chipping or knocking out a tooth on a cross bar is no big deal…cross-bars can get you in other ways too…just check out this Chester Blacksmith clip.


Holiday happenings

29 12 2010

Hope everyone had a good holiday with friends and family.

I must still be in holiday mode because, after poking around the internet, I realized there was a bunch of stuff going on in the 24″ world.

I thought things would be a bit quieter.

I guess BMX rests for no man.

So without further ado, let’s check out what’s going on.

First up, has posted the first installment of Project Model-C.  They’re traveling around letting people test drive the Sunday Model-C to give them a taste of how much fun riding can be on on 24″ BMX bike.

Looks like a lot of people are getting converted!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Second, Robert sent me a note a few days back about his new blog featuring two of my favorite things: pump tracks and gold anodized components!

Check out pumptrackfreedom to read about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of building (and running) a pumptrack.

Robert’s tricked out Model-C with gold Hazard Lites is a real beauty.

Third, with a huge chunk of the U.S. blanketed in the white stuff over Christmas, it only seemed appropriate that Tribute Bikes would post a picture of their retro-style/modern geometry frame in white on Christmas day.

Such a cool-looking frame.

Finally, no Christmas would be complete here at Cruiser Revolution HQ without receiving a bike-related gift. My girl came through in the clutch with this cool bike lane-inspired t-shirt.

Perhaps to commemorate the Cruiser Revolution article in the most recent edition of Fastlane magazine?


Thanks, doll.

A backyard pumptrack revisited

7 05 2010

As you may remember, I was pretty stoked on Jason G’s backyard pumptrack when I first saw a video of it on vimeo. Well, it’s a new season and Jason has been putting in some time making it even better.

He’s got a regular Thursday night session going on (as you can see below) and he’s already planning on adding to it and changing things up. So far he’s the only cruiser rider in the group for the Thursday night session but I suspect that won’t be for long.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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