Talking 24s in Fastlane BMX mag

6 12 2010

I’ve been a fan of Fastlane BMX magazine for a while now.

In an era when racing is all but ignored in the major mags, Fastlane is all about BMX racing.

Sure you can pick up a mag from one of the major U.S. sanctions, look at the token coverage in BMX Plus! or if you can deal with the erratic publishing schedule, find a BMX World (even though it reads like a brochure from the Department of Motor Vehicles).  All in all, not great options.

To me , if you’re into racing (or need to be reminded of how fun racing is) Fastlane is the only mag worth buying. Stories are fun to read, there’s international coverage and great photos. It’s combination that’s tough to beat.

Fastlane doesn’t run hot and cold on 24s either…from cruiser bike checks to regular shots of cruiser riders, Fastlane isn’t afraid to show cruisers some love.

That’s why I was stoked to have the opportunity to write an article about cruisers in Fastlane #8.

(That’s yours truly banging elbows with my friend Carbon in the photo, top right.)

If you’ve ever wondered how I got hooked on the whole cruiser thing, this is something you’ll want to check out.

(Note: Fastlane is UK- based, so visit for ordering info.)




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