Pad sets: poised for a comeback?

25 05 2011

With so many old school bmx setups making comebacks these days–things like seat & seat post combos or front brakes–I thought I would make the case for something near and dear to my heart.

The pad set.

And if not the complete pad set…

At least the cross bar pad.

I started running one a while back after a session at my local pump track.

There was a downed tree in a particular section and I had to duck every time I went under it. Every time I ducked my grill was super close to the cross bar. I soon realized a hockey player smile was in my future if I ever happened to slip a pedal and come into contact with a cross bar.

After the session I dug through some old BMX parts and found an old cross bar pad. It was pretty basic but it did the job. I’ve since upgraded to something more stylish, which you can see below.

Cross bar pads are hot! Just look at the flames on this one...

I’m not sure exactly how much protection it actually does offer but a little is better than nothing…dental work can be expensive.

And for those of you that chipping or knocking out a tooth on a cross bar is no big deal…cross-bars can get you in other ways too…just check out this Chester Blacksmith clip.





10 responses

25 05 2011

First off, very nice ride you have there! I put on a stem pad, hated banging my knee off the stem!!

25 05 2011

Pads are about to become cool again, surely? The stem pad is a real knee saver, so many sharp edges on the stem and so close to your knee. Not sure how useful the bar and top tube pads are, but if someone started making some pads with nice designs on them I’d consider them.

26 05 2011

Just wondering, what would you consider as a cool design as I may start making some?

25 05 2011

The top tube pad always seemed a little pointless, but I’m all for stem and crossbar pads.

26 05 2011

I want a set of blue and white checkerboard for mine.

26 05 2011

BTW that Chester is always nearly killing himself, check him out on youtube with the live footage of the worst leg break I’ve ever seen in (if you dare)!

27 05 2011

Oh man, if pads make a comeback I’ll feel like an 8 year old kid again, and that’s not a bad thing at all! I’d rock the stem and crossbar for sure, but I never understood the toptube pads.

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