WTP: Where’s The Promotion?

31 03 2011

We The People (WTP) has been consistently producing high-quality 24″ completes for years.

From their frames to their components they haven’t compromised.

Sure, here and there a part may need to be replaced or upgraded. But compared to some of the completes other companies are offering, they are hard to beat.

This bike deserves a web clip

What I find surprising, given WTP’s relatively long tenure in the 24″ game, is their lack of promotion. Year after year, WTP puts out great bikes with nary a web clip or cool riding shot to be seen.

Would it be so hard to film a clip of Chester Blacksmith cruising around the city — on a cruiser — for instance?

We The People, show us some love! Let’s see some web clips!




15 responses

31 03 2011

I totally agree.

I ride last years WTP-Cruiser and fell in love with riding again, after 3 years off.

That rig rides really nice, takes a beating and didn’t cost much.



31 03 2011

U know i love this article. I love my new avenger. My only complaint, the hubs. Rims are salt double wall so i had new hubs laced in with black on black spokes and niples. Double butted of course. But the frame geometry is awesome. Very similar to the model c. High bottom bracket and short chainstay. And very light. I cant even ride the hellcat anymore cuz of the dramatic weight difference, nearly 7 pounds difference. I guess WTP is getting their promotion now huh.

31 03 2011

Oh and a full chromoly frame as opposed to comparable priced model c ex which has steel frame forks and handlebars or the subrosa salvador cruiser which also has steel. WTP should definitely promote this bike more and maybe upgrade the hubs slightly. All other parts are very good quality. But hubs gotta go.

1 04 2011

I have been thinking the same thing for a while,this bike is stunning in person.I taken a few of these over some jumps and they are light,probably the lightest cromo cruiser you can get.But once again just a tad to short for me.

1 04 2011

I saw one in a shop yesterday and the colors look sooo bad ass in person. I really like how they spec’ed the colors on this bike. Chrome bars, stem and hubs make it hit.

2 04 2011

I actually took all the chrome off mine and replaced it with black. Even spokes and nipples. It looked nice before but now its BAD ASS!

9 04 2011

Lets see some pics.

8 04 2011

Agreed… I’m swapping out the hubs on mine. The ratchet engagement has slight slack for my taste and they’re not sealed. Overall, totally happy with my purchase! Sweet looking bike indeed, lots of looks.

24 04 2011

hey buddy. i have pics of it on the cruiser rev facebook page.

26 04 2011

I’ll add mine too on facebook this week after new components are installed 🙂 can’t wait!

15 07 2011

The Avenger rocks. Anyone know how to get those clear brake pads to stop squealing short of just replacing them ?

20 09 2011
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Never knew this bike existed.

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