26″ Skyway T/A is alright for wheelies

6 11 2015

News and “sneak peek” shots of the 26″ Skyway T/A continue to show up on the various social media feeds.

Here’s a nice shot of it that I spotted earlier today (on Ed Ferri’s feed, I believe).

skyway ta 26inch prototype night

We’ve also got word on what the geometry is (at least for now, in the prototype stages).

At the moment, we’re looking at the following:

  • Top tube: 22.69″
  • Head angle: 71.5°
  • Seat angle: 70.5°
  • Chain stay: 17″
  • Bottom bracket: 11.72″

According to this video (that also just got posted in the last day or so), this geo gives it a “race-y” feel…and also apparently, makes it quite easy to wheelie.

Sneak Peek: 26″ Skyway T/A

22 10 2015

Skyway dropped this teaser photo yesterday (on Facebook) of a 26″ Skyway T/A they are working on for 2016.

26inch Skyway TA

The sample was kitted out with parts sourced from Planet BMX.

Noticeably absent from the picture, however, was any sign of a 26″ Tuff Wheel.

The caption did say:

We will have the 26″ and a NEW Street Beat for 2016…and a few other surprises!

Could the 26″ Tuff Wheel be one of the surprises?

It’s hard to say…Skyway seems to be a little cagey about this point (and not responding to comments regarding it).

Skyway did drop this little mockup back in 2013 saying:

Look what we are working on at Skyway…a 26″ Tuff Wheel! In the “engineering stages” right now!

26inch Skyway Tuff Wheel Proto


Let’s all cross our fingers, OK?