Eric Rupe: retirement isn’t an option

23 03 2012

After a successful Pro racing career in the 80s, Eric Rupe “retired” due to the dissatisfaction he felt with his long-time sponsor, Mongoose and what they were offering him to renew his contract.

But apparently “retirement” wouldn’t take. Eleven months after officially retiring he was back on the national scene competing. And he hasn’t stopped since.

Currently terrorizing the older cruiser class ranks, Rupe can always be counted on to be a tough competitor every time he hits the track. With more than 30 years experience under his belt, you can bet he’s got more moves than anybody else out there.

Respect to “Big Daddy” Eric Rupe…still in the mix long after all these years.




6 responses

23 03 2012

Bang, rupe’s been fast for years.

23 03 2012

big daddy is the inspiration that got me back in the game. i saw coverage of rupe-a-dupe winning the world’s in 2007… and i had a bike 2 weeks later.

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