Michael Strahan was a BMXer

18 02 2015

File this under “Stars–They’re just like us!

Michael Strahan, in an ESPN program called “A Football life” (which aired a year or so ago) devoted part of an interview to talk about his BMX roots. Specifically, how as kid he dreamed of getting a Kuwahara Laserlite bike…and how he mowed lawn after lawn until he saved up enough to get one.

michael strahan

Better known for his football and TV career, the program goes on, at some length, about him and his bike.

He still has the bike…and won’t part with it. He does say it is too small for him now. Which begs the question, why hasn’t someone from Kuwahara contacted him and sent him a 24″ Kuwahara?  I’m sure he would be stoked to get a modern-day version of his beloved Kuwahara…and have it be in a size that he could actually ride. Seems like a simple way to get some good mainstream publicity for Kuwahara…and BMX in general.

Check out the full broadcast below: