BMX goes back to the future

23 02 2015

It’s almost like they never went away.

Stu Thomsen, Greg Hill and Harry Leary all showed up at the USA BMX Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona (this past weekend) ready to race.

Stu Greg Harry

It’s not often that a single race would see all three of these BMX legends suit up, ready to snap gates and bang elbows.

Which made this weekend pretty special.

Stu Thomsen even took a first in cruiser!

Stu Thomsen on SE FlovalNow, if we can get just guys like Pete Loncarevich, Eric Rupe and Turnell Henry in the gate with them for an epic cruiser showdown…

Well, then I think we could have the battle of the BMX ages.


(Photo credits: @probmxer1, MJT & SE Bikes)




4 responses

23 02 2015

Damn if those guys are gonna show up at my track im just goin to watch.

24 02 2015

Further reinforcement of my notion to return to the track this Spring for the first time in 30 years. Just built a bike and I’m looking forward to it!

3 03 2015
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