Souping up the SE STR-29

5 11 2016

The SE STR-29 turned our heads from the very first time we spotted it.

A classic 20″ frame, reimagined as a 29″ complete….it was one cool looking bike…and as Stompin’ Stu (the ST in STR) demonstrated, a more-than-capable wheelie machine.

However, as cool as it looks out of the box, it’s always interesting to see how someone customizes their bike to suit their tastes.

Yet we just haven’t seen much of that to this point with the STR-29. Actually of all the ones I’ve seen, they’ve been bone-stock.

But that all changed this week.

SE shared a picture in their social media feeds of Clyde Akers STR-29…and he definitely souped it up.


With fresh paint, a liberal sprinkling of gold ano and larger tire* in the front…you definitely have a fresh take on the original factory-version STR-29.

Love me some gold ano!


*shucks, it’s not a tanwall


(All pics: SE Bikes)


A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?

10 12 2014

A little over a week ago we peeped some 24″ custom-built goodness from FBM.

To further show that FBM is on the top of its custom bike game, I give you this…one truly sweet-looking custom built 29″ cruiser from FBM.

The owner, MSERNO75, a BMX Museum member, started a thread over on the Museum showcasing his new ride…where I happened upon it.

In the thread, he explains how he has had many SE Big Rippers in the past and loved the way they rode. He’s also had a number of FBM 20 inchs, and was a big fan of their build quality, as well as the fact that they were American-made.

Deciding to meld the best of the two worlds, he contacted FBM and had them build a custom frame to his specs (similar to the Big Ripper) along with a custom set of 29″ CB4K’S forks.

Looks hella dialed in Trans Blue…perfect for long rides and hitting the odd curb cut or two.