S&M releases 22 and 24″ ATF frames

20 06 2013

Well, that didn’t take long.

Back in April, S&M bikes was dropping hints and teaser photos about its prototype 22 and 24″ ATF frames.

Now this week comes news from the S&M camp that both frames are now available.

First impression? These frames look very nice!

S&M 22

Available in Black, Trans Green, Trans Red; these frames are  full-on head turners.

Check the S&M site for full specs on both the 22″ and 24″ models.

S&M is investing big time into the bigger wheeled BMX scene…with two new school 24s, two 22″ frames and an already popular race 24…S&M is definitely not playing around!




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20 06 2013


Beside the standover dropping 0.25″, what’s the difference between the dirtbike and the ATF 24″ ?

Then what’s the point of a new 24″ with similar geometry ?

21 06 2013

The ATF will have better clearance for bigger tires. It also has removable brake hardware and the thinner butted seat stays. And I’m pretty sure they’re discontinuing the 22″ Holmes and the 24″ DB in favor of the ATF’s.

24 06 2013

Thanks for the update!

21 06 2013

Thanks for the details !

28 06 2013
Tony Peters

ah so the ATF will be better for +2.25″ tires

15 07 2013

Wow… A 24″ ATF frame. That’s big news.

25 09 2014
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