FBM now offering 26 & 29″ frame sets

4 10 2017

Back in 2014, it was hard to imagine that FBM might build a 29″ cruiser…but they did — it was a custom build for a customer and it looked great.

Turns out, FBM has been getting a lot of requests for 26 and 29 frame sets as of late. So they have up and decided to offer them by pre-order!

Hot damn!

Dubbed “The 26er” and “The 29er”, these high end frames & fork sets are “designed for blasting curb cuts, cruising the neighborhood, and getting rad.”

Sounds about right to me.

Click on the respective links for the full low down on specs/geometry and ordering info:



A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?

10 12 2014

A little over a week ago we peeped some 24″ custom-built goodness from FBM.

To further show that FBM is on the top of its custom bike game, I give you this…one truly sweet-looking custom built 29″ cruiser from FBM.

The owner, MSERNO75, a BMX Museum member, started a thread over on the Museum showcasing his new ride…where I happened upon it.

In the thread, he explains how he has had many SE Big Rippers in the past and loved the way they rode. He’s also had a number of FBM 20 inchs, and was a big fan of their build quality, as well as the fact that they were American-made.

Deciding to meld the best of the two worlds, he contacted FBM and had them build a custom frame to his specs (similar to the Big Ripper) along with a custom set of 29″ CB4K’S forks.

Looks hella dialed in Trans Blue…perfect for long rides and hitting the odd curb cut or two.

FBM checks in with custom cruiser rider

27 11 2014

FBM may not be a name synonymous with cruisers but every once in a while they’ll surprise us with a custom cruiser build.

Yesterday, they featured a custom build (on their site) that they did for Creson Dude and touted their custom frame capabilities.

creson bike

Included in the writeup are pictures of Creson shredding pools, trails…you name it.

creson whip

creson bowl

What might be even more interesting is…this might be the same custom frame & fork that we featured here on Cruiser Revolution back in 2009. (It does look kinda rusty in the more current pics…) If it is that same frame…well, then you know that these frames will stand up to years of abuse.

Nice going FBM.

(…and Creson, not too shabby in the style department!)


*all pics from fbmbmx.com