Bobby Parker big bike rampin’

24 07 2013

Bobby Parker can shred pretty much anything…dirt, street, park, whatever…on both 20 and 24″ bikes.

Of course, when pics get posted of him shredding on his 24″ Wave-C…they immediately get our attention.

Bobby Parker ramping the big bike

Nosepick of the Canadian variety?


And check that headtube…Bobby supporting Cruiser Revolution by flying the colors!

Bobby Parker supports Cruiser Revolution





7 responses

24 07 2013

Damn Bobby that’s rad man. Are you running Odyssey tires now?

24 07 2013

Cool lookin park!

24 07 2013

This is my Wave C build. I still have the green/gold Model C but I don’t do much grinds or anything on that bike. Mostly jump it and ride the bowl at Mable. You would like this bike, its pretty beastly. It does have the Odyssey Path tires on there so you can monstertruck over everything.

24 07 2013

I jumped it at the nut once when it was brand new at a lantern sesh.

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