Mike Leonard airing out

10 04 2013

Mike Leonard has been stepping up his game lately and it’s starting to show with some cool riding pictures popping up from his homebase in the Las Vegas area.

Here’s a cool shot taken by his good friend and riding buddy, Sal Alvarado.

Airing out of the world famous Dick n Balls bowl at Pro Park, this pic has style all over it.

Mike Leonard airing out

And now receiving support from Tribute Bikes, Mike makes sure to tilt his wheel just so to highlight the Tribute STP Forks he’s running. A true professional.




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10 04 2013

Just a little tidbit of info here…

I ate shit pretty hard just a few minutes before this pic was taken. I carved the dick bowl too high and too fast and went down.

10 04 2013

Tribute Dumb Luck 24″ build coming soon!

11 04 2013

Dick and Balls bowl is soooooo good! It would be so tight on a 24″ wheel!

11 04 2013

Yeah bobby, it was super tight. My boys were carving the whole bowl on 26″ park bikes. I carved what would be considered the “head” of the bowl and went too high and had to bail. It sucked. LoL.

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